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  • 04 Dec 2017

    Goldfield & Banks Australia is a hit!

    Talk of the town: Goldfield & Banks Australia has arrived and is making its mark in Europe. It's the first premium Australian perfume brand, made with the finest ingredients from across the world blended with rare and precious essences drawn from the Australian wilderness.

    A unique collection of modern and timeless perfumes for men and women. 

    First of all please meet: Desert Rosewood

    Desert Rosewood presents a rich, leathery fragrance that evokes the thick, arid forests of the Victorian Central Highlands. An intoxicating and resinous tip of Desert Rosewood reveals a sweetness of mandarin and vanilla, before finally settling into an exotic blend of wood and spice.

    A fragrance for men and women, it speaks of adventures through thick forests where ancient trees and fresh young ferns provide a mingling of old and new, rich and herbaceous.